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Radiation Safety TrainingUni-Vert Tech Inc. is an international leader in radiation safety services. Our firm offers different radiation safety training courses for all sectors which use nuclear substances and radiation devices: healthcare (diagnostic and therapeutic), industry (pulp and paper, metal scrap yards, etc.), mining, construction, power, research and development, emergency services, and more.

Our radiation safety training is conducted by experts specializing in physics and radiation safety. Our instructors have experience dealing with nuclear emergencies as we have trained with the Canadian Forces for Civil Nuclear Emergencies.

We also install and dismount nuclear devices, and change sources in nuclear gauges and medical devices. Our instructors and training courses are CNSC approved. Our radiation safety training is developed for your specific type of application, and you learn only the information you need.

All training courses are available in French and in English at your site throughout Canada, or at our training facility in Montreal. Our firm is registered with Emploi Québec (registration certificate number: 0045448).

Training schedule

Scheduled training to be held in Laval and Joliette:

  • Radiation Safety Officer Seales Sources, Fixed & Portable Gauges
    March 27-28, 2019 Toronto (Markham) ON May 29-30, 2019 Oct 23-24, 2019
  • Industrial Radiography - Emergencies & Source Retrieval
    February 4-5, 2019 Toronto (Oakville)
    $ 955.00 + taxes
  • RSO Nuclear Medicine
    March 27-28, (optional 3rd day) 2018 Toronto, (Markham) 3rd day recommended for new RSO (course content on request)
    2 days $ 925.00 (optional 3rd day extra $ 325.00)
  • Radiation Safety Officer & Industrial Radiography
    Please contact us. On-site training available RSO sessions are given in Toronto twice per year.
    $925 per attendee
  • Transportation of Radioactive Material - Air & Road
    Please contact us.
  • Radiation Safety Officer - X Ray Equipment
    Please contact us.
  • Refresher - Radiation Safety Officer
    Please contact us.
  • Radiation safety officer - Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
    Please contact us.

Radiation Safety Awareness Training

We offer specific awareness training sessions for all categories of employees (Security, Maintenance, Administration, Concierge).

Duration : 1.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on your needs.

Radiation Safety & Emergency Brigade

Uni-Vert Tech Inc. offers specific training sessions for all first responders in industry. The training includes theoretical approaches of common scenarios. A real simulation is also organized.

Duration : 3 to 6 hours

Radiography Source Recovery

Our firm has developed an expertise in this field. Our goal is for the final exposure of your trained responders to remain ALARA. The management of your source recovery will always be a success for yourself but also for the applicable nuclear authority. This training is given exclusively at our client sites equipped with an exposure room.

Duration: 2 days


Our firm is also specialised in all aspects of road and air transportation of radioactive material. We offer specific training sessions in our Montreal office as well as on location at our client's site.

Duration: 3.5 to 6 hours


Specific training sessions are offered to fulfill your needs. Our experts come from the National Optical Institute of Canada and conduct on-site inspections of facilities.

Duration : 4 hours


Specialised in radon gas detection since 1992, our firm offers awareness training sessions and advice regarding radon gas emissions.

Duration: 3 hours or more depending on your needs.

Training Registration

Register today by clicking on the link below. One of our representatives will forward you the appropriate registration form with all the details of interest.

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