Technical SupportTechnical support in radiation safety

Uni-Vert Tech Inc. has become a leader in technical support for radiation safety matters. This is not only due to our outstanding achievements in radiation safety but also to our reliable and efficient support to Canadian and multinational organizations. For all nuclear applications, you can rely on Uni-Vert Tech.


Administrative Support

Administrative support in radiation safetyIn recent years, the CNSC has changed many of its expectations regarding license applications or license renewals. These applications may be very long and stressful if you do not have the appropriate background. Please note that the CNSC expects you to be a qualified Radiation Safety Officer in order to discuss any licensing matters.

Our organization can assist you with the application process and guide you through the regulations that apply to your particular situation. We also offer an offsite Radiation Safety Officer service in order for you to maintain your license or to accelerate the process to get your new license.

Off-Site Radiation Safety Officer

External Radiation Safety OfficerOur off-site Radiation Safety Officer service may be the solution to the management of your radiation safety program if your days are too short.

Our firm offers different packages that include all the services that you require to satisfy the CNSC’s requirements. Our experts make sure that you remain fully informed and that you maintain control of your CNSC files.

Dept. of Justice – Legal Affairs, Accidents

Legal aid in radiation safetyOur firm offers the best support for any legal affair or accident involving radioactive substances or nuclear devices.

Technical & Administrative Support

Nuclear Devices

We can perform a range of services on nuclear devices, from simple installation and dismounting to source exchanges, transport and disposal, all under the umbrella of our Complex Servicing License issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Our expertise covers many manufacturers: tels que Ronan, Ohmart, Vega, Berthold, ThermoFisher, Thermo MeasureTech, Kay-Ray, Texas Nuclear, Endress and Hauser, NDC systems, Ginge, Krones, Mahlo, Metso, Outokumpo, SAIC, Seaman, Tapio, Troxler, Humboldt, CPN, Wallac, Beckman.

Truck Scale Detector

Not only can our firm help maintain your gate alarm system, as an emergency responder we take care of the alarm incidents.

Upon our arrival on site we will characterize the nuclear contaminant, then, if required, decontaminate the site and package and transport the material for disposal.

Radiation Level Check

The choice of the right radiation survey meter is the key to success for proper measurements. Our experts are dispatched on sea vessels and in foreign countries to measure and certify radiation levels for different projects.

Abnormal radiation levels are often caused by contaminated material due to major nuclear accidents (Japan, Ukraine), or contaminated metal due to sources melted in foreign steel mills, or bulk material that contains Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

Site Decommissioning

Our team has decommissioned several multinational organizations, research laboratories, hospitals, universities, metal scrap yards and accidentally contaminated sites around the world. Let us help you.

Product Rental

We rent radiation meters (gamma, beta, neutron), contamination meters, portable gamma spectrometers, and personal alarming dosimeters.