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International Radiation Safety Services

PROJECT SUPERVISION: Our firm’s representatives have supervised many projects throughout the world. Common projects consist of nuclear gauge installations or transfers, site decommissioning, bulk material verification, radioactivity emissions (N.O.R.M. or accidental site contamination), source recovery, optimization of radiation protection programs, on site Radiation Safety Officer training, basic radiation safety staff training and nuclear emergency training.

BULK MATERIAL VERIFICATION: More and more, bulk materials and items are exported from countries with limited radiation safety resources. This leads to issues in plants or harbours once shipments arrive in Canada.
Shipments exported to Europe will undergo similar radiation safety verification upon arrival. To avoid stressful scenarios with your goods in quarantine, our representatives go on site to sample, scan and characterize potential radioactive materials. If radioactive substances are present, we can assist you with the legal shipping of your goods. Professional verifications and certifications of goods are supported by fully experienced and equipped professionals.