24h Nuclear Emergency Response ServiceNuclear emergency response service

24h Emergency Response Service

Our firm has the most experienced nuclear responders in Canada. Our experience and advantages rely on many facts. Our firm has a CNSC license for dismounting, dismantling and complex servicing of nuclear gauges. We are also the first source recovery training company for radiography operators. We act in all fields where radioactive substances are found : hospitals, industry, mining, radiography, research centers, metal scrap yards, domestic waste burying sites, and harbours.

Our first responders are contacted via our 24-hour bilingual call center.

You may be assisted directly on the phone unless an on-site emergency dispatch is requested. We will also assist with all the legal requirements and reports requested by the CNSC. In order to be covered by our 24h Nuclear Emergency Response Service, our clients must be registered.

To complete your registration, the following information will be requested:

  • Inventory of your nuclear substances and devices
  • Address of storage and use
  • Three representatives of your company or organization who know about the emergency response plan