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Geiger counter calibration and repair

Our firm meets the CNSC expectations for the calibration of radiation meters as described in the CNSC guidelines dated February 7, 2011. The calibration requirements are based on international regulations. Uni-Vert Tech Inc. offers the quickest and the most reliable calibration service throughout Canada. As these devices are your best friends in radiation safety, we guarantee a high quality service at all times. An express 48-hour turn-around is available upon request.

We represent several radiation instrument manufacturers. As consumers and trainers, we recognize that customers have different instrument needs and uses, working environments, budgets and preferences. By representing several manufacturers, we can recommend different options that will help our customers meet their instrument requirements at a reasonable price. We are not interested in just a sale, we want our customers to know the advantages and disadvantages of different instruments and be completely satisfied with their choice. We service and calibrate all the instruments we sell. Contact us today to discuss your instrumentation needs.

Please send all instruments to the following address:

271, 11eme Rang,
Ste-Marcelline-de-Kildare, Qc,
J0K 2Y0

*When sending an instrument, please send a follow-up email.