Uni-Vert Tech Inc. offers a range of services for clients with x-ray equipment. Whether you are a radiology, podiatry, chiropractic, dental, or veterinary clinic, or use X-ray equipment in industry, and whether you are located in Montreal, the maritimes, or anywhere in between, Uni-Vert Tech Inc. is there to help.


Technical Support

Technical Support for X-raysYou are thinking of bringing changes to your clinic? We can help! Our physicists can calculate all the required parameters to ensure the safety of your workers and the public, and to meet all regulatory requirements and expectations. We can advise you in all radiation safety matters.

X-ray training

X-ray trainingWe offer training courses in X-ray and X-ray safety. Our two-hour awareness courses are aimed at workers who work with or around x-ray equipment. We also offer a half-day training course for management and workers who are responsible for the equipment and its quality assurance.

Our courses are available at our offices in Montreal, or at your site, 7 days a week.

Verification of X-ray equipment

Quality Control Testing of X-ray Equipment

X-ray equipment used in radiology, podiatry, and chiropractic medicine must be inspected by a physicist every two years, and the ones used in dentistry every three years. An inspection report must be sent to the INSPQ. X-ray equipment used in industry and in veterinary clinics should also be checked regularly.

We offer an inspection service across Eastern Canada that will satisfy regulatory requirements!

Our experts will check, amongst other things:

  • ✔ The calibration of the equipment
  • ✔ Shielding in the workplace
  • ✔ The safety of the installation and of your procedures
  • ✔ The integrity of your protective equipment

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